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We are Tealth. 
The multi-product SaaS for healthcare providers.

A user-friendly, affordable, multi-product platform to help optimize tasks of health providers.

We help healthcare providers.


Watch your practice grow.

A solution for you

We offer a range of core SaaS products designed for clinics, outpatient units, pharmacies, laboratories, insurers, and hospitals. Each product is crafted to meet specific needs, ensuring healthcare providers have the right tools for every job.


TealthCare is a web platform for medical professionals and clinics that offers clinic management solutions for outpatient care.

Elevate your practice with Tealth.

We equip healthcare providers like yourself with the apps you need to handle scheduling, maintain patient records, conduct video consults, manage billing processes, etc., with ease. With our versatile suite of tools, you can select exactly what you need and seamlessly scale up as your practice expands. Our commitment is to ensure that our products evolve alongside your needs, adapting to your journey to success.

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Latest from Tealth.

Enhance your practice’s efficiency and workflow.

Automate administrative tasks such as appointment scheduling, billing, and insurance claims. We streamline your workflow into a single platform.

Improve patient care and communication.

Improve patient communications through SMS reminders, email consultation notes, and teleconsult.

Aid your practice’s decision making through analytics.

Quick access to patient records to help improve and identify trends to help clinical and business decision-making and grow your practice.

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